Saturday, December 16, 2017

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About KFMC

Our Message


Kingsview Free Methodist Church willingly accepts Christ’s commission to preach the Gospel to all people. The message we bring invites you, your family, your neighbours and the rest of humanity to accept God’s offer of forgiveness and reconciliation through faith in Jesus Christ.

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A Mosaic of the Kingdom


Jesus is our Reconciling Lord.

What does that mean for our church and for our community? How does our church live out that statement in our culture, in our city, in our times?

In essence, it means that we…

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The Mission


Kingsview Free Methodist Church believes God is calling us to be “An Inwardly Healthy Church with an Outward Focus.”  So we intend to be a Missional Church: our purpose is not just to grow the church but to transform our community.

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