Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Kingsview Free Methodist Church willingly accepts Christ’s commission to preach the Gospel to all people. The message we bring invites you, your family, your neighbours and the rest of humanity to accept God’s offer of forgiveness and reconciliation through faith in Jesus Christ.

We ourselves are recipients of the grace of Jesus Christ – and we are grateful for the changes he has made in our own lives. We would like to share that experience with you.

We are continually challenged by Christ’s call to love God and our neighbour and we will not set a lesser goal.

An important demonstration of that love is helping you to understand the life of Christ, his purpose here on earth and how God desires that you relate to Him.

If you accept that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection give you access to forgiveness of sins, your life will be transformed.

Your request for forgiveness and desire to walk following Christ’s example brings you into a close relationship with God – true fellowship with God will be a large, integral part of your life.

This experience we call “Salvation”, moves us from under the Law of Sin and Death and places us under the Law of the Spirit of Life.

The blood of Jesus Christ – a symbol of His death – has broken the power of sin and death over our lives and restored us to fellowship with God (true, abundant, everlasting life).

But… we still have some way to go to living the way God created us to live, according to the original blueprint.

That is the goal of sanctifying grace.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit to restore us to our original righteousness as created in the image of God.

As you hunger and seek for God’s work in your life at a deeper level, there may be a “crisis” moment when you say ‘YES’ to the deeper work of God in our life – when you understand how much you need Him to change and guide you. That is a definitive point where God’s sanctifying grace is evident.

These definitive moments can occur multiple times during your lifetime.

That sanctifying grace (sometimes called Sanctification) also operates in unrecognized, humdrum, ho-hum moments – the daily process of life – as God continues to shape us in response to our desire.

Becoming more and more like Christ is a continual process. But that process has to begin with a conscious decision on our part to allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives at a very deep level.  And we must actively participate in the process.

Would you like to learn more? Please feel free to contact us and we will make ourselves available to you as you seek after God.

Click here to read our Articles of Religion (details of what we believe).