Saturday, December 16, 2017

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John-Mark Cockram


Co-Pastor - John-Mark Cockram
John-Mark Cockram joined us on September 1, 2014 as Co-pastor, primarily responsible for Corporate Worship, Discipleship and Pastoral Care.

Pastor John-Mark (aka Pastor J-M), his wife Lorali (Lori) and their two daughters Mallory and Sophia spent two years living and ministering in Ghana, West Africa where John-Mark worked as a cultural liaison. There, he and Lori were instrumental in establishing a lasting connection between the Free Methodist Ghana Mission and the Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Since returning to Canada, John-Mark has continued following God’s call to ministry, studying for his Masters of Divinity at Tyndale and tracking towards ordination.

Pastor J-M is a creative thinker gifted with the ability to synthesize and communicate a variety of biblical and theological concepts in diverse ways.

He says: “True communion with the Trinity happens when we can be honest with God and with one another in an environment of mutual encouragement… our gathering serves to encourage us in the task of being Jesus’ disciples. … We allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about Jesus Christ, the Son, and through the Spirit’s transforming power, we live lives that bring praise to our Heavenly Father.”


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